& Coffee

We've partnered with Cortez Coffee Company to offer you the best coffees we can bring to you.  Cortez Coffee is a family owned business that caters for the most demanding palates among coffee drinkers in Arizona. Their goal is to give you and your loved ones a unique experience by introducing you to an amazing array of products made of coffee beans that hail from exotic locations around the world. The result is an outstanding coffee product that is backed up by decades of experience in the industry as well as extensive research.

Cortez carefully selects coffee growers and partners that share their passion and sustainable production practices, then establishes stretch connection ties with them in order to closely control and monitor the proper harvesting at the plantation level, finally delivering the final product in your hands.

About Ron Cortez

Ron is the founder of Cortez Coffee and More Than Fair, a direct trade coalition that connects quality coffee growers, farmers and consumers. Ron has perfected the art of coffee roasting, brewing, and cultivating after learning from his father and grandfather in their native Costa Rica.

Our Coffees

We will be offering coffees by the pound and 1/2 pound and will be offering a variety of blends in our full service coffee shop and espresso bar, which is set to open in the first part of November, 2017 if all goes as planned, stay tuned! For now, come in and enjoy one of these great offerings: